Fatness to Fitness Day 1

After todays session!
Half dead!


The Wellness Club UKMonday 18th January 2015 - Day 1

Nothing for it but to get back on it! Monday morning #hiit session!

My demise over the past 7 months began with an ankle injury, I went over on a mat in the gym and endevoured to repeat the exact same injury (in various settings) 5 times! So began my rehab (1st occurance), all's going well, keeping active and slowly catching up and restarting my normal training regime. Wait for it, yes, you know what I'm going to say!! Injury 2 as I fall down the stairs at the tram station! Back to square one!

Feeling fed up, annoyed and frustrated that I couldn't train and didn't even start my rehab! Bad move! Not good when you have an all or nothing personality trait!

Summer arrives and so do my favourite Magnum lollies, in a box of 4, talking to me from the freezer. You know how it goes, you've done it! Up until now, I'd been eating fairly clean, not as good as when I'm training but not too badly. I was on a downward spiral and slowly unclean foods started creeping their way into my meals.

The not training was bad enough, I felt unfit and frustrated but once the eating goes to pot, you know it's all downhill from there!

So here I am 7 months later 8kg! yes 8kg heavier and well over 10cm extra on my waistline!! (and let's face it, we know it's definitely not muscle we're talking about here!!)

Now, at this point I can imagine you are wondering as a personal trainer with a Batchelors Degree in Exercise and Health Sciences, what the hell am I doing! I thought this on numerous occasions myself, I know what to do, I've been into exercise and fitness since my childhood but here I am again on that downward spiral. What is going on! I am not unwell (which affected me big time years ago and I ended up quite a large lady!) and I know what I'm doing or rather supposed to be doing.

Sometimes I get inside my own head and that nagging voice takes over, you know the one. The one where you doubt every thought running through your brain, am I right, should I do this, should I do that, what am I doing, can I even do it?? I am also a person, not just a PT, I'm a woman (yes, it's like a double whammy, I know!!) and a mum and sometimes all these other things take over and I falter.

So here I am 6am on a Monday morning restarting or rather kick starting my healthy regime. Yes to lose fat and look good but more importantly to get back to the healthy person I was. Cos let's face it 42 isn't exactly young and I'm keeping at bay lots of risk factors. There is no harm in helping myself out alot by becoming more healthy, plus who doesn't like those endorphins first thing in the morning!?

Todays hiit session:

6 exercises for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between, repeat the cycle 4 times.

  1. High knees & shoulder press
  2. Burpees
  3. Plie Squats
  4. Press Ups
  5. Bridges
  6. Mountain Climbers

Starting Stats!!!! (oh no!)

  • Weight  79.9kg
  • Bodyfat  41.2%
  • Lean  25.2%
  • BMI  27
  • Waist  99cm
  • Hips  115cm

4 thoughts on “Fatness to Fitness Day 1

  1. It’s good to know that even the professionals have their ups and downs. I’m pleased to know you’ve come through the bad patch with determination. Thanks for your inspiring blog Nayereh. xx

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