Fatness to Fitness Day 2




The Wellness Club UKSo day two arrives and so do the DOMs!! (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

For those of you not in the know, that means pain!

You know the type when you've done too much and your body is telling you so!? BUT what is even worse, is that it's not as bad as I expected which means I'm back to Day Two (or rather day three on my blog) DOMs. That's where the pain is worse the second day after training.... my usual style!

So when I drag my sorry butt out of bed to train at 6am tomorrow, I am going to be in pain BEFORE I even start! And so the cycle begins. The good thing is as I get back into my regime, the pain becomes a part of it and it kinda feels good (weird! I hear you scream!!) but it does because you know you've worked hard and that your body is responding.

So back to Day Two. No training today but I have been physically active (as in not sat on my butt all day and moving around frequently!) and the nutrition has been well, hmm, do I really wanna say? Take a look and judge for yourself!

Breakfast: Gluten free porridge with raw cacoa and summer berries for breakfast. Made with semi skimmed milk.

Lunch: Sweet potato (on the run and not planned!)

Dinner: Home made chips (sweet potato in coconut oil, baked in the oven) and poached eggs.

Snacks: None, have been run off my feet!!

Fluids: Regular water, herbal tea and still too much coffee!!

Tomorrow I will do better, tonight I plan and tomorrow I implement. Being busy is no excuse not to eat better!

2 thoughts on “Fatness to Fitness Day 2

  1. When we are really busy then we just eat whatever there is without really thinking about whats good for us. I will try a little bit better tomorrow!

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