Fatness to Fitness Day 4


Today I have been aged this much by DOMs!


Fatness to FitnessAlready on Day 4!! Well that has gone fast!

Today is only a short one, as it's not a training day but I have been throwing sacks of dog food over my shoulder and carrying them about (not for pleasure, I might add but for ease of moving).

Today DOMs have made me feel like I'm 80! or did I do ten rounds with Tyson?! Feeling feeble!! Ouch! All I want is a hot bath and to relax or think I'd better maybe book in for a massage! Where's the man with the magic hands when you want him!? Hmm!

Foods been better today, have upped my protein intake but still alot of work to get it spot on. I, like most people am a work in progress and the further I get into my training regime the better my eating habits will become. I have had a chocolate biscuit, my last client tonight treated me to some gluten free biscuits and a hot chocloate, so would be rude not to!

Breakfast: Gluten free porridge (this is not for fad reasons but I suffer allergic reactions!) with 1 scoop of USN chocolate protein powder, made with semi skimmed milk.

Lunch: Baked potato with tuna and coleslaw (costco portion, huge but only ate half)

Dinner: Chicken breast, brown rice and quinoa with sprouts, brocolli & carrots. (This looks like a large portion but our dinner plates are very small)

Snacks: 1 bananas, 2 clementines, a chocolate biscuit and protein shake

Fluids: Occasional water, herbal tea, 5 cups of coffee and a hot chocolate :) :)

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