Fatness to Fitness Day 5


I'm a work

in progress!


Fatness to FitnessOh my gosh! First thing this morning, felt like I'd been run over by a steam roller! Legs, glutes (butt), back, chest shoulders and arms were all dead! And I mean completely dead! There was no moving anything at all, it was like day 2 DOMs times 10!!

I have moved my training session to tomorrow as I am so physically tired today, although I think that is a mixture of being ill for around 4 weeks, 2 over Christmas and first 2 weeks in January and cutting my caffeine intake by over half. My body is still not adjusted.

So today is mainly about the food........ so let's see how I did today!

Breakfast: Porridge, made with semi skimmed milk and a banana.

Lunch: Chicken breast, avocado, red onion, tomatoes and a tiny squeeze of mayo.

Dinner: Baked sweet potato and beans.

Snacks: Protein shake made with hemp milk and superberries, 2 clementines, 1 banana.

Fluids: No water!! (Bad girl!!), herbal teas, glass of semi skimmed milk and 5 coffees.

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