Fatness to Fitness Week 3


It's all about the food!


Personal Training OldhamSo here it is! The end of week 3! Day 21!

Not the greatest week!


I've completely lost my appetite, was hungry at breakfast but struggled to eat the rest of the day. There's no way I have eaten enough to sustain me today and it's been a busy day. I am feeling tired with being ill and struggling to keep up my energy levels.

Breakfast: Grilled bacon sandwich on GF wholemeal bread.

Lunch: 2 slices of GF wholemeal bread with peanut butter.

Dinner: Turkey breast with tomatoes, red onion, red & yellow pepper and butternut squash spaghetti - cooked in olive oil (wok)

No snacks.

Fluids: 5 coffees!


I have no idea how on earth I have got through today! I started work around 8am and finished at 12.15am, only having 2, 30 minute breaks (which I ate standing up and trying to finish work!!!) Felt energised through the latter part of the day but was completely mentally and physically exhausted by the time I fell into my bed! Still not hungry but had to cook for my son, so ate what he had.

Breakfast: Banana and 2 slice of GF wholemeal toast with butter.

Lunch: Tuna and mayo (tiny amount) on GF seeded bread.

Dinner: 2 Heck sausages (GF pork) with sweet mashed potato and beans.

No snacks.

Fluids: Milk and 6+ coffees (6 that I can remember!!)


So today I go from no appetite to ravenous!! That can only mean one thing..... the monthly madness has arrived! Great, love being female! Not only do I get the sugar cravings but I crave anything and everything, I turn into the local food monster that will steal chips of a toddlers plate!! FFS, kill me now! BUT honesty is what this blog is about and you're gonna get it, warts and all!! Commence, food cupboard and fridge opening 500 times an hour!!!

Breakfast: Banana and 2 slice of GF wholemeal toast with butter.

Lunch: GF wholemeal toast with ham and cheese (big wedge!!)

Dinner: Home made spaghetti bolognese with butternut spaghetti (all fresh ingredients!)

Snacks: 3 Reeses peanut butter cups, 3 apples, 2 bananas, 4 x GF wholemeal toast, butter.

Fluids: Water & 5 coffees.


Quite a sedentary day again, although on my feet this afternoon, presenting myself at the Noahs ART project launch, it was great to talk to their clientele and seeing what they actually provide up close. I feel very lucky to be involved with such a fantastic group!

Breakfast: GF cornflakes with s/s milk & banana.

Lunch: Tuna & mayo on GF seeded bread.

Dinner: Beef, new potatoes with carrots, onions, kale and tomatoes (casseroled)

Snacks: Pineapple, grapes, mango, banana, 4 x GF wholemeal toast, butter.

Fluids: Juice & 6 coffees


Today has been a great day! Yes I am physically tired but today is the day I give free treatments to the therapy animals at Noahs ART! I really do love my job! Particularly this aspect..... giving back!

Breakfast: 2 x GF wholemeal toast, butter

Lunch: Tuna & mayo on GF seeded bread

Dinner: Home made chilli and rice (all fresh ingredients)

Snacks: 2 x GF wholemeal toast, butter

Fluids: Water & 4 coffees


Shattered.com is the name of the game today. Game face on for my hiit client though, then back home for the most sedentary day ever! Feeling frustrated with this tiredness and general unwellness! Was soooo looking forward to my wonderful steak dinner (perfectly cooked!) until my son dropped his on the floor and I had to have whatever I could throw together!! Gutted!

Breakfast: None!

Lunch: GF wholemeal toast with ham and cheese (grated)

Dinner: Pototo wedges, beans and 100% mince burger (x2)

Snacks: None

Fluids: Juice, water and 5 coffees


Still feeling tired but up and out today, physically active but nothing strenuous, just walking! My food has been all over the place as I forgot to take my lunch and had to grab what I could, which wasn't much when there are no GF options. Not great as I ended up buying lollies on the way home!!

Breakfast: GF cornflakes and s/s milk

Lunch: Ready salted crisp (forgot to take my lunch!!)

Dinner: Baked sweet potato with tuna and cheese (small amount of mayo)

Snacks: 1 nakd bar (chocolate/orange) & 2 magnum ice lollies (pink) :( :( :(

Fluids: Milk, water and 6 coffees


  • Weight  78.4kg
  • Bodyfat  42.1%
  • Lean  24.3%
  • BMI  26.5
  • Waist 92cm
  • Hips 108cm

So as you can see my week has literally been all over the place. I am still not 100% and I haven't eaten properly or trained. You can see from the stats that my weight and BMI are the same and although I have lost 1cm off both my waist and hips, I have also lost some of my lean mass (muscle) and gained bodyfat! This is the bigger picture as without these other readings you would assume I had done well. Losing lean mass is not good, so next week I will make more of an effort. Plus next week the monthly ravenous monster will have disappeared!!!! I am physically and mentally tired but hopefully I'll start improving soon. I am feeling frustrated that I can't train but I need my body to recover and cannot push myself too much so will take it easy but introduce light exercise.

Let me know how you are all getting on with your own journeys! Good luck for the week ahead.

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