Fatness to Fitness Week 4/5


On a long & winding path!


Personal Training OldhamSo here we are two weeks later!! Weeks 4 and 5 together! Day 35! And not a lot to show for it! SORRY!

Well it's usual for things to get worse before they get better and the last two weeks have been just that. My physical exhaustion has been paramount in everything and the lack of control over my own lung function has been beyond frustrating. My nutrition has been entirely not nutritious, as I've barely been able to eat anything which has had an even bigger affect on my exhaustion!

Being the stubborn person I can sometimes be (and because running always makes me feel better!), I decided it was a good idea to try and have a run, (both weeks!! Yes, I know!! tut tut) and although I managed 30 minutes I had to go a lot slower than my usual speed and had to use my inhaler before and during both runs, this is not the norm for me and I have never used an inhaler in my life.

I have had some chest xrays taken and I am waiting for a spirometry test but we (the Dr and I) are expecting it to come back and show I have asthma. This is a whole new ball game for me as my runs are usually very relaxed and breathing is rhythmic, and the only reason I've ever had to stop due to shortness of breath is when I've been doing interval sprints!! I am hoping that this can become more manageable and doesn't have any affect on my cold water swimming either!

But this is something that I will have to wait and see, and then manage!

I have had a little extra time on my hands over the past two weeks, as had time off work so enjoy my chocolate banana pancakes video, very short I know!!


  • Weight  77.8kg
  • Bodyfat  39.4%
  • Lean  26%
  • BMI  26
  • Waist 90cm
  • Hips 106cm

I have ended week 5 feeling slightly more positive and less exhausted! I have introduced supplements until I'm back in full swing (feroglobin: iron, folic acid & B12), echinacea to help respiratory infections (I'll give it a whirl!) and a tonic with vits A, C, D, E, B2 & B3 and cod liver oil (yuk!). This is only in the short term but sometimes our bodies need an extra boost to get us back on track.

Don't be disheartened as ours paths are sometimes winding and it can feel like we are almost back where we started but this is not the case, as we continue to put one foot in front of the other to reach our goals. What would life be without challenges and set backs to show us how strong we truly are! For if you never have to fight for something, you will never really know!

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