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What is meditation?

Meanings: Latin: To think Sanskrit: Wisdom

Meditation is a state of consciousness where a person focuses their mind by going deep within themselves and eliminating any external influences to produce a state of peace and deep relaxation. When one becomes accustomed to this deep quieting of the mind, the ability to observe and listen to ones own mind, body and spirit becomes enabled, eventually moving forward into a deeper spiritual awareness.

Meditation can greatly enhance your wellbeing. It will enable you to study yourself, how you respond to things, to notice the beauty in your surroundings and to have a deeper appreciation for those around you.

Benefits of Meditation:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce physical pain and boost the immune system

Lower blood pressure and increase circulation to the brain

Encourage deep relaxation and feelings of peace

Focus the mind and promote deep sleep

Increase concentration

Enhance creativity and open the mind to new ideas