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I hold a BSc in Exercise and Health and specialise in Obesity and Diabetic*** Training. I frequently research current information and recommended guidelines for medical conditions and exercise, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best care possible.

Getting fit and healthy is about so much more than just following a 'diet' and exercising regularly. It is about initiating lifestyle and behaviour changes which you will follow for the rest of your life. There are no quick fixes, only time and commitment to yourself! You are worth it!

My Approach

  • I am a personal trainer that takes a rounded approach to training, looking at your motivators and your current behaviours.
  • Behaviour change is a big part of training and I incorporate small changes to help you to make them into 'habits'.
  • I do not condone fad diets but eating clean and regular meals.
  • I keep up to date with research into recommendations through peer reviewed literature/journals.


  • I give my full commitment to you as my client but I expect the same in return.
  • I expect you to follow the plan you are provided with.

What do you get?

  • I provide a full one hour FREE consultation beforehand to discuss what you want to achieve, what both our expectations are and whether I am the correct trainer for you, as taking on a personal training commitment is so much more than just exercising once or twice a week!
  • I will provide you with a training package that will include:
  1. Your one to one exercise sessions (or partner sessions)
  2. Your program to follow at home and
  3. Nutritional advice.
  4. Ongoing support via text, email throughout your package.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs now!


One Hour Initial Consultation FREE

Individual Training £35 per person/session or £300 prepaid 10 sessions*

Partner training (2 people**) £30 per person/session or £250 each prepaid 10 sessions*

Areas covered: 25 minute drive from OL8 4LD.

I may be able to provide in other areas, for instance if 2 people are training or you pay a travel fee, please ask.

Terms & Conditions:

* Prepaid sessions must be used within 10 weeks or as stated in the signed agreement/contract. Both parties will receive personalised plans to follow.

** Maximum of 2 people for partner training.

*** Type 2 Diabetes

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