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ReikiReiki (pronounced 'ray-key') is a healing method that originated in Japan and means universal life energy. It is based on the idea that all living things have life energy flowing through them.

When this energy becomes unbalanced, weakened or blocked it can manifest in physical and emotional ways which can affect your health and overall wellbeing. Regular treatments can help to rebalance you and increase your overall wellbeing.

Throughout the treatment the energy is channeled through the practitioners hands, this can be through placing the hands directly on the client or from a distance.

Reiki is a safe treatment to complement other treatments although it must be stressed that it cannot replace medical intervention and you must seek medical advice if required.

Benefits of reiki:

  • Increase in wellbeing
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce pain
  • Aid mobility
  • Strengthen the immune system

Reiki treatments are also suitable for your pets and my animal treatments have now been moved to a separate website:

Animal Reiki Manchester

Animal Reiki Manchester





1 hour appointment: £35.00

30 minute appointment: £25.00

Areas covered: 25 minute drive from OL8 4LD.

I may be able to provide in other areas, for instance if 2 people are booking appointments or you pay a travel fee, please ask.

*Also available for corporate.